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Real pros.
The line is a recent creation of the great adidas., The first days of the brand, while Adi Dassler handmade his first shoes, installed in the 20 m² of his mom´s laundry! Adidas sneakers have gone on for nearly a century, equipping athletes with the best material possible. An art of shoeing that is also a way of life, always: already in 1932, it is by imagining with her a new pair of shoes that Adi Dassler met his future wife! The irreproachable quality of the production remained the same as in the time of the patriarch, who could spot from the corner of the eye the slightest defect in an immense production line. The sneakers have been around since 1993, and in their first few months they were adopted by Madonna and millions of people who wanted to see the adidas brand´s laid-back but high-performance lifestyle off the court. It is an original and offbeat spirit, well anchored in the air of time, which is the value. Not to mention the taste of innovation and the science of the comfort of a great sports equipment manufacturer!